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Residing in the small town of Bellem, East Flanders - Henk Wallays indisputably played his part inside the much-celebrated electronic scene that marked Belgium during the 80s. 


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His hustle started around 1980 in the Flemish free radio circuit, starting off with a show on Radio Caraad in the tiny township of Kanegem. His show covered mainly electronic and new wave music, backed up with self-taped material, a poetry feature and interviews. The chase for independent electronic music got him in touch with names by the likes of Front 242, Chris & Cosey, The Neon Judgement and Andy Oppenheimer. 

New opportunities crossed his path by getting to know Peter Bonne from The Micrart Group. It was Bonne who initiated him to the craft of making music. Wallays, whom had outgrown the free radio circuit, bought himself some low-budget equipment and began composing and recording on the Yamaha MT44 4-track recorder. Unovidual was born. “A wrong choice for becoming a millionaire, but a great choice when it came to constructive and enriching experiences.” 

After almost a decade of making music, Unovidual’s musical curiosity has eventually led to an oeuvre that is as bulky as it is exciting. Synthetic Solitude consists of strictly solo-tracks, all recorded in Aalter between 1983 and 1986, and spans the diversity of the then prevailing Belgian electronic sound.