Marc Piñol / Charlotte Bendiks ‎– HVN A/B

Marc Piñol / Charlotte Bendiks ‎– HVN A/B


Hivern Discs ‎– HVNab

There are tracks that only deploy their full meaning when pumping through the speakers of a dark club. To give shelter to the latter, Hivern kick starts a new series of vinyl-only splits dedicated to club-ready cuts by artists in our orbit. To launch the series, we count with both a well-known Hivern stalwart and a new addition to the label. 




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Side A is dedicated to 'Cel Avall', a track that has been hidden in Marc Pinol's vaults for way too many years. With it's slow pace and direct but hypnotic feel, it sounds as if one of the pioneers of the first wave of Chicago house had spent a night dancing to Danielle Baldelli at the Cosmic club. In the B-side, 'Aurora 2', by Norwegian producer Charlotte Bendiks, also has something of the rawness and minimalism of the first Chicago sound. A perpetually fresh energy that, combined with her nonchalant vocal phrasings, provides the track with her distinctive blend of darkness, sensuality and cheekiness.

The visual concept of the series has been developed by London based design studio Dr.Me