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Reissue of the 1996 Rephlex release. This is the black vinyl version initially limited to 350 copies. It was repressed a short time later in July, 2017 with a different color D'Arcangelo sticker (silver color instead of gold color) on the back of the outer sleeve. 12" vinyl in custom matte-black disco jacket, with sticker.

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Suction Records doing a reissue of D’Arcangelo’s self-titled debut EP for Rephlex, the legendary UK label run by Aphex Twin and Grant Wilson-Claridge from 1991-2013. D’Arcangelo are the Italian duo of brothers Fabrizio and Marco D’Arcangelo, active in the underground electronic scene under various aliases since the early ‘90s, and still going strong today. Released in 1996, their Rephlex debut “D’Arcangelo” was one of the first releases to make a firm connection between contemporary IDM/electronix and the sound of ‘80s synth pop. The 3 tracks on Side A are ripping, industrial-strength electronix, as fierce, crunchy and menacing anything Aphex Twin himself had released at the time. In sharp contrast, Side B’s 3 tracks are playful, clean and melodic instrumental synthpop, with clear synthetic references to bands like Depeche Mode and OMD. It was a sound that was certainly not in fashion at the time, and helped the EP stand out in 1996, for that very reason.