Notes On A Journey - NOAJ002
2 track 12", Reissue. Original release: 1983, Berlin (Private Pressing)

Plaza Hotel was an early 80’s studio project by DAF co-found-ing member Wolfgang Spelmanns and his wife, singer Tabu (Claudia Sennlaub).
The 12inch “Bewegliche Ziele” was pressed and privately distributed in 1983 and remains the band’s only release. Its two tracks are the result of two separate recording sessions. The rst one was an experimental recording of Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit playing over synth drum percussions. During a second session in Berlin, Wolfgang’s synths and guitars and Tabu’s vocals were added to the rhythm tracks. “Bewegliche Ziele” is an irresistible mixture of driving mesmeric afro-in u- enced rhythms, the synth wave sound of the early 80s with dreamy pop vocals verging on dub.


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It's 1981. Everything seems possible in the realms of music. The barriers between genres are being willfully torn down, punk is discovering the synthesizer, the drum machine is replacing the drummer and no idea is too absurd to pursue. The winds of change are blowing from New York to London, Berlin and Tokyo and there's a palpable, uninhibited spirit of optimism in the air turning music industry on it's head. People are experimenting with novel equipment, bands are springing up like mushrooms, line-ups disband and regroup. A whole generation is being inspired by a do-it-yourself mentality, creating an unprecedented knowledge of how to produce music. Every artist seems to be full of ambition, conquering new frontiers whilst often participating in several projects simultaneously. When today, we look back at this time it appears as an unintelligible mess with no economic viability, but 30 years ago it was simply the sheer desire for artistic freedom, self-fulfillment and the urge to have control over one's own creative work that was the driving force.


Amazingly, the record continues to be rediscovered time and again, throughout the years’ time. By a diverse mix of DJs and record collectors from all sorts of different countries, origins and scenes. They all take a personal interest in “Bewegliche Ziele”. From die-hard NDW fans to New Wave analysts and never-tiring sound explorers like the infamous, Dutch record collector Tako Reyenga. It is him who plays one of these rare copies, sometime in 2010, in Düsseldorf of all places, in the Salon d'Amateurs, one of the world's hippest underground clubs, in front of a broad-minded audience. In short “Bewegliche Ziele” (played on 33rpm instead of 45rpm) becomes a signature tune not only at the Salon, but on dance floors of every boutique club operating outside of mainstream territory all around the world. About the same time Jazzanova member and co-founder of NOTES ON A JOURNEY, Stefan Leisering stumbles across the 12” in a crate in Canada. Back in Berlin he plays his discovery to his buddy and Jazzanova co-partner Alex Barck. Falling for the song's magic as Leisering does, Barck rearranges, what was perviously considered complete, the third edition of “Computer Incarnations For World Peace” just to fit this exceptional tune into the already fine selection.

Spelmanns himself, now living in Bremen, working as a video artist and leading the Generic Art Ensemble, definitely didn't expect this to ever happen. Three decades after its initial release “Bewegliche Ziele” is finally finding its listeners and revealing its long hidden spell. It's the same with “Bewegliche Ziele” as with a lot of this time period's music long forgotten or only released in a very limited capacity: Today, with hindsight, it gains new meaning and an extensive resonance. Over the last few years Plaza Hotel's skewness, the graceful peculiarity, the courageous experimentalism is being explored by new and younger groups and can be heard in current music again. Meaning “Bewegliche Ziele” could have easily be released in 2016. NOTES ON A JOURNEY thought the same and decided, that not only freaky record collectors should be able to, for extortionate prices, enjoy this timeless, fascinating piece of music on vinyl. So we have brought Plaza Hotel back to life, in all its glory.