Tigersushi ‎– BEC5156734, Because Music ‎– BEC5156734
2x LP Gatefold, Limited to 500 Copies. CD included (not available separately).

Joakim's new Full lengt album on Tigersushi. YMO inspired 2017 Pop electronix.


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Joakim on Samurai: This is a very personal record. I tried to channel the emotions and spontaneity I had when I first started making music. It’s not about nostalgia, it’s about the freshness and directness - call it naivety - you lose when you start becoming a professional musician. I moved to New York almost 5 years ago. These past few years have been a weird combination of excitement and quite challenging events. I’ve learnt what it means to be exiled, in every sense. This album is about that, being far away from “home” and from yourself and finding your way back. The album is built like an unknown city, you walk through it, making random turns, getting lost, some corners may bring back memories, you’re getting away from something and at the same time you’re on a quest. Hence the importance of listening to it in it’s entirety (yes, I’m a utopian). It will be the only physical release, very limited. No CD edition. ” Producer, D.J., label manager, tireless gem searcher, musician, music lover, it’s hard to reduce Joakim to a single function”    Xavier Veilhan, French artist et sculptor ” Tall lanky weird dude who makes great music